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Arabic Linotype Library

The original Linotype typefaces used for decades by the professional Arabic printing industry

For over 50 years the Linotype typefaces were the standard for the whole Arabic publishing industry. With the advent of the electronic publishing many new typefaces became available but few could match the elegance and detail of these fonts. Diwan, in association with Linotype Library, including their original typography experts, re-released the full range of fonts with all their original details and features over 10 years ago.

In addition to reviving the original typefaces Diwan also extended them to handle the complete calligraphy of the Holy Koran. Diwan also made available the full text of the Holy Koran with the extended typefaces. This text has been carefully formatted and checked in detail by Islamic experts to ensure that it is absolutely faithful to the original. By doing this Diwan created a complete solution for the integration of Koranic text in all publishing requirements.

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Arabic Linotype Library Fonts (32 Typefaces) - with al-Nashir al-Sahafi Yaqout 4 Platinum Pack for Windows

No longer available

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