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Legacy product

This is a legacy product and no loger developed or supported.
A complete solution for publishing and browsing educational books on computers. All the required features for electronic book browsing as well as emulating all the features that students may need when studying like highlights, adding notes, summaries, bookmarks, search and high-quality printing.

Full networking system allowing a teacher to manage a whole classroom of computers. The interface is kept clear and to a minimum allowing teachers and students of any age to use the program immediately.

Diwan’s Oannïs Reader is an electronic books reader oriented toward educational use by providing all the features that students may need while studying. Oannïs enables the most important studying practices recommended by all academic material discussing this field: marking important sections, adding notes and questions. These speed reviewing and improve comprehension and memorization. Allowing students to practice right reading habits is one of the main design goals of this application. The design of the application also focuses on two main issues, clarity and readability of text on screen and on producing high-quality printouts.


The experience of Diwan in the field of printing and publishing has enabled the company to develop special data compression for the books which makes it possible to hold a large number of books on a single compact disk while maintaining the quality of the original document.

Application Structure

The application is divided into two components: the rendering engine, and the user interface. The rendering engine reads the data from the read-only book files and the user specific data and renders the page to the screen or to the printer. When rendering to screen, the application uses multimedia players like Flash and Windows Media Player, to display animations, videos, audio and other interactive content. The rendering engine uses its own font system to display books in a style that is as close as possible to the original design. A key feature of this is high-quality “anti-aliasing” that makes text highly readable on screen even at small sizes. The user-interface part is responsible for interacting with the user and executing user commands highlights.


The user interface

The curriculum of a full educational stage (High School for example) may be stored in the space of a single CD, which gives the student the ability to review and read whatever he needs from previous years. Also, the student will have the ability to explore what he is going to study in the next year. The search tool that is provided by the software saves a lot of time and effort for the student.

The size of the Oannïs documents is practically small compared with the books of the stage so it is practical that the student keeps it with him even after the study year has completed, also the cost is not more than the cost of printing one single book, so there will be no extra burden on the students and the education provider.

The availability of high-quality printing directly from Oannïs will spare the student from carrying a number of heavy books to the class, and he can only print few pages out of each book to use them or to write on the side of the paper, and then copy what he has written to the same place as the electronic version.


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