About Ready,Set,Go! Global
A new generation of desktop publishing software supporting all international languages. Based on AAT technology (Apple Advanced Typography). Each language is treated in its own right respecting its own special character and typographic requirements.

What is Ready,Set,Go! Global? Accurate rotation
Enhanced Typography Automatic text flow, wrap & shape control
International Text Color printing and color separations
Internet Publishing Powerful floating palettes
Drag and Drop Image control
Quadratic Bezier Curves Import/Export
Transparency effects Powerful WP features
Fast, easy page design

What is Ready,Set,Go! Global?
First released in 1985 by Manhattan Graphics Corporation, Ready,Set,Go! started the DTP revolution. Ready,Set,Go! has kept up since with all the major developments in the DTP market. Its latest versions support all the features and productivity expected by today's publishing professionals. This Global version uses advanced graphics technology to give a level of quality that matches the ability of the printer. Diwan, an early participant in the development of Ready,Set,Go!, and now the owner of the program, has developed Ready,Set,Go! even further. The Global version now includes support for international languages and internet publishing.
Enhanced Typography
When you use Ready,Set,Go! Global, you will enter a new era in typography. Never before have desktop publishers been provided with such a diverse set of features for type and typographical design. Many typographic functions which were previously tedious, time-consuming, and in some cases virtually impossible, are now automatic. This is because with AAT (Apple Advanced Typography) fonts are no longer just a collection of points which describe a character outline. Think of an AAT font as a "smart font": a font that is programmed with intelligence and which creates good typography on the fly. Like a professional typographer, an AAT font knows where to make the subtle and not so subtle adjustments which make the difference between mere characters and fine typography.
International Text
With the new International Edition and Apple's Language Kits, Ready,Set,Go! Global can fully support all major world languages. You are not just restricted to just one language per line but any combination can be mixed together, including vertical and right to left scripts. Ready,Set,Go! Global does all the hard work for you remembering and setting all the font specifications you have chosen for each language. And, with AAT smart fonts you get the best typographical support for each language you use. Diwan can also provide support for any other script including "extinct" languages.
Internet Publishing
Now you can export Ready,Set,Go! documents as HTML format for web publishing. Ready,Set,Go! Global will map its stylesheets to the relevant HTML tags and keep the same flow of the text. Ready,Set,Go! Global will allow you to publish internet pages in most international language including Japanese, Chinese and Arabic. With support for the Electrifier Plug-in for Netscape Navigator (from Lari Software Inc.), you can include high quality animated images in your web pages.
Drag & Drop
Moving typography and graphics between Ready,Set,Go! Global documents is as simple as dragging and dropping. Plus you can import word processing files and graphics just by dragging them from the Finder desktop or Scrapbook window to your Ready,Set,Go! Global document window. Layout has never been easier.
Quadratic Bezier Curves
A new path tool lets you create and manipulate paths made up of straight line segments and/or quadratic Bezier curves. There's even the capability to convert a path to a perfect arc or circle automatically. And once you have the curved path you want you can automatically bind text to it.
Transparency effects
Achieve professional transparency, shading and tinting effects for all typography and graphics by choosing from seven transfer modes-copy, add, blend, migrate, and, or and invert. The transfer modes affect how the colors (including black and white) of overlapping elements of type and graphics interact with each other. And these transfer mode effects will print perfectly on any PostScript or non-PostScript printer or imagesetter.
Fast, easy page design
Use both grids and guides. Position page objects with 0.0001" accuracy. And Ready,Set,Go! is great at handling many objects per page - making it ideal for even the most complex layouts. Multiple master pages With up to 26 master pages you can apply different page designs fast!
Accurate rotation
Quickly rotate text and images with 0.1 degree accuracy around their center or a specific point on the page. And you can still edit rotated text!
Automatic text flow, wrap & shape control
Have text instantly flow through multiple columns and pages, wrap text around objects or images with precision, or set text in special shapes, including diamond, triangle, and octagon - great for special effects!
Color printing and color separations
Print to all printers, B/W and color. Or automatically generate spot and process color separations for your commercial printer.
Powerful floating palettes
Work faster with all your tools exactly where you need them. Floating palettes give you instant control over all your work without wasting time going to menus and dialog boxes.
Image control
Get full color support, scale, crop, and gradient fill pictures. Fine tune grey scale pictures with brightness, contrast, posterize, negative and solarize controls. Even add QuickTime movies!
Easily integrate text and graphics from just about any Mac program. Read and write all major word processing formats.
Powerful WP features
Document-wide Spell Checking and Find/Change, Hyphenation, Style Sheets, Glossaries, Tables and Tabs.
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Download the demo version from our Ready,Set,Go! Global download page.

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