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  • Ana Khattat for Android & iOS +

    Diwan's well received Ana Khattat app now available for Android Tablets and Smart Phones on the Google Play Store, as well as for iPads and iPhones on the Apple App Store. It allows users to write messages using advanced Arabic typographic fonts and share their designs within Facebook and Instagram. Ana Khattat allows the creation of messages of calligraphic quality, normally only available in advanced design applications, to be shared with family and friends. The app requires access to basic user information and users' photos to be able to post and share the generated designs as part of the users' photo albums. Diwan is including regularly with Ana Khattat a wide choice of Arabic greeting Card templates which can be enhanced with personalized messages. Read More
  • Massive Arabic Fonts Sale +

    Diwan is launching a massive sale of its popular Arabic fonts grouped into a bundle of 12 regular styles, including Muna, Damascus, Basma, Algiers, Arab Times (Al-Tarikh), Baghdad, Beirut, Farah, Kufi Standard, Nadeem, Sana and Geezah. Read More
  • Successful partnership with Dubai Police Academy +

    After signing a contract with Dubai Police Academy in 2012 Diwan has successfully implemented the first stage of the Electronic Education Project at the Academy using Oannis Interactive. Diwan is now working with the Academy to roll out the next stage to bring Oannis Interactive to even more students. Read More
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